[Webinar] “Attention, prudence !” US trusts with French connections


March 11, 2021 – Marine Pelletier-Capes, partner in tax, presented a webinar entitled “”Attention, prudence !” US trusts with French connections” to STEP Boston.

STEP is the worldwide professional network for those advising families across generations, offering training and development to a global network of trust and estate practitioners.

Marine Pelletier-Capes explained how trusts are perceived in France, and walked American and worldwide listeners through the tax and reporting requirements enacted in France’s 2011 Amended Finance Law. She showed the implications for revocable and irrevocable trusts with French beneficiaries, trustees, and grantors so American listeners can avoid issues when planning. Marine Pelletier-Capes also discussed the reporting for long-existing trusts, and how to come into compliance.